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“The leadership of Christian is like no other!! And can’t forget to mention the encouragement of everyone around you working just as hard helps you execute your goal!!! Forge Strength Austin is where it’s at!! - Sierra H”

I love this gym! I’ve been with Christian for about a year and it has SCULPTED my whole body. His workouts are challenging, but he’s constantly motivating you to continue. The workouts are a combo of endurance and weight training: he is an advocate about good form, safety AND FUN! Going to a regular gym is way too boring for me, pricing is extremely reasonable considering the amount of attention you get with his classes. Christian also adapts the workouts depending on your fitness level, and pre existing injuries; he’s also super professional! Highly recommend.

Nicole N

I first started with Christian about maybe more than four years now. I used to just be a runner with no experience in strength training. I still remember the first session when I tried bench for the first time and I couldn't even lift the 35 pound bar. Now, instead of letting this bring me down, it actually motivated me to keep coming and keep getting better. Christian never made me feel like I wasn't capable and without him I don't think I would push myself to what I'm capable of doing now. When I've had doubt or even thought - "I cant do it" - Christian has showed me that it is possible - with determination and consistency. If you are finding a place that is more like a family that pushes each other to do the best they can - this is the place for you to achieve your goals - not alone but together as a whole. Five stars all around.

Ashley C

“Forge is a great addition to the South Lamar fitness contingent, I would highly recommend it if you're looking for a killer workout that incorporates the big lifts (i.e. the only ones you truly need to build lean muscle), and also smokes you with some conditioning recipes. It's maybe a little like Crossfit, but less clique-ish and with MUCH more focus on injury prevention.- Alessandro D. ”

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