About Forge

A unique, eclectic training space located by South Lamar and Oltorf behind Golden Goose and Tiny Pies, Forge Strength Austin is a facility designed to train small group classes and one on one personal training. Forge Strength Austin has flexible & adaptable programming tailored to each class and its members, we are able to adapt training to the needs of the group to maximize results, maximize your strengths and work on your weakness.  Our training methods range from strength, endurance and olympic training methods and exercises.  A normal week will look like a strength based workout Monday, Wednesday, Friday and an endurance based workout  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Expect heavier weight and less reps of fundamental key lifts like bench, squat, deadlift and a clean variation in our strength workouts. Expect lighter weight, more repetitions and a higher intensity in our endurance workouts, our endurance formats range from HIIT, EMOM, AMRAP, Tabata to name a few.  A normal class will have at least 10-15 minutes of active stretching, mobility and PVC work, followed by a 5 minute or less workout explanation, a 5-10 minute warm-up. Our endurance workouts usually last about 30 minutes, our strength workouts usually last 30 to 45 minutes.

We have an open and welcoming community of members that like to support and push each other thru every workout and every challenge. Almost all of our workouts are partner based, fostering the sense of community and team work, while also holding each other accountable and it makes the workouts more fun. 

Did we mention we are dog friendly 🐶?.

Stop by and come check us out :).

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